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close-up photo of embroidery and beadwork on wedding veil BAC4089

Most of the time, this item ships 6-8 weeks from date of order.

This item may not be returned for a refund or exchange.
Item # BAC3089

  • 120"  -  $589.95

  • 108"  -  $532.95

  •   88"  -  $432.95

  •   54"  -  $265.95

  •   42"  -  $207.95

Veil Length:         Veil Color:  

Thread Color:         Veil Price:  $ 

Heavily embroidered and hand beaded wedding veil by GlamGal Designs Bridal. This wedding veil is identical to veil BAC4089 except that the embroidered border extends all the way to the top on each side instead of stopping half way up. This also accounts for the higher price as wedding veil BAC4089 has only half the embroidery and hand beading. This veil has a pencil edge and the embroidered border features vines, curling tendrils, leaves, and flowers, embellished with hand sewn crystals, glass beads, 1/8" thick embroidered flowers, and multi shaped pearls.

At the bottom center, the design rises up to a peak.

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